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The beginning to the commitment to “Julia’s Sweet Potato Pie”

“You know that pie you cook for the holidays, and everyone wants to know if you are baking for the holiday? I want you to enter it in a baking contest for a good cause…”

On that day, I reluctantly agreed to my wife’s request to enter my Mom’s sweet potato pie in A Taste of LA competition at the Los Angeles Convention Center. I found myself in our kitchen a few weeks later, sweating over a Wolf Range and baking the night before the event. With Mom giving me her best directions over several long distance phone calls, I wanted to ensure it would be the best replica of her pie. Consequently, the baking did not go well that evening, since I had come home late from work. I was so tired, I scorched all eight pies! I knew, I could not serve these pies to the public. After a second run to the grocers’ for another batch of sweet potatoes, I baked again. This time I had presentable pies. The recipe that I knew Mom would accept.

It’s my Mom’s recipe, and like many families, we all remember how there was one dish or dessert that made the holiday meal. It just had to be on the table. For us, my family, it was Julia’s Sweet Potato Pie. Often, on the eve before Thanksgiving or Christmas Mom would come home after working a late shift at the hospital and stay up into the early hours of the morning.  The kitchen counter surrounded with flour, eggs, butters, and all the ingredients. Julia was determined to make her pies for the family holiday dinner. Falling asleep and tired, there were a few times she scorched a pie or two, would and then baked again.

Since, I was able to call my Mom that day from the LA Convention Center and tell her that her pie won first place prize, against many of the best restaurants in Los Angeles, We are dedicated to making this pie  “A Big Slice of Mama’s Love” a winner at your table.


We are Dedicated to Food Quality Safety and Supporting Local Florida Growers

We support local farm suppliers. Our pies and desserts are baked with the fresh and quality ingredients. This is the foundation of our product.  All of our products are from authorized local Florida growers and suppliers. 


Quality and Safe products are insured with the highest standards by the using the best utensils and baking equipment. Meeting Florida State Agricultural Standards.  We maintain the highest standards in the kitchen. We believe that excellence is a habit. With every pie sent from the Kitchen, we are being judged by a customer who is going to be either disappointed or happy or with the work we have just done. 

How we treat the equipment in our kitchens, the physical plant, and the ingredients that we work with sets the tone for the respect that others have for what we do Cleanliness of facilites and proper maintenance of equipment is critical to the function of a kitchen. A clean kitchen is a proud kitchen.

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